Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The whole gang: Corrie, Matthew, Jeff, Vikki, Chesnie, Mattie, Keely, Rhett, Dallas, Codi
Mattie on the rope swing

Ches on the rope swing

Dallas flying off the rope swing, he was the only brave one

The girls on the sandy beach at the Trinity River

Mattie B at the Trinity River

The girls and their treasure

Looking for the Geo cache

Mattie and Keely having fun

Pile of kids at the cabin

Vikki and Codi playing badminton while Mattie and Rhett drive through

Mattie loves Rhett

Chesnie kicking the soccer ball, taking after mommy

Keely driving while Mattie chats on the phone

The girls making "soup"

This last weekend we went to our family cabin in the Trinity Mtns. Matthew's best friend Jeff and his family came along for the adventure. We got up there late Friday night and it was rainy so we all piled into the cabin and slept inside. The next morning we enjoyed a big breakfast and the skies had cleared so we went outside for some fun. The kids enjoyed playing in the sand, riding in the jeep, playing ball and especially badminton. Vikki and I took the kids Geo Caching and they had a great time finding treasures while the dads did some fishing. On Sunday we all went to the Trinity River. There we enjoyed the sand, the water and we even found a rope swing. Fun was had by all! We love the cabin and were so glad that we were able to share it with good friends.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cherry Pickin'

The girls swimming with their babies
14 lbs of cherries
Chesnie and the ranch dog

The cherry pickers

Matthew hard at work

Mommy and sticky Ches

Look at those sticky hands

Mattie B climbing up to help pick

Mommy and Mattie B

Chesnie enjoying a juicy cherry

Mattie loves it
The girls perfecting the art of spitting the pits

They like to hide in the dryer

Mattie made an catapiller with a bananna, apples, raisins and pretzels

We love our fruit around here! We went and picked some cherries this last weekend. The girls enjoyed seeing goats and a few friendly dogs. Matthew picked most of the cherries. Everything I picked the girls ate. At one point I looked at Matthew's bin and said that we probably had enough. He didn't seem to think so. So I went to the van with the girls because they were tired of being sticky. Not to mention they decided to pet the dog after getting cherry juice all over their hands so not only were they sticky but they were hairy too! When we came back to Matthew Mattie said, "Dad that is enough, let's go!" He weighed the cherries and we had 14lbs! Yes, a little excessive. At least they were only $1.50/lb. We have been to this ranch quite a few times and have thus befriended the old man that lives there. He wanted to show Matthew his garden. The girls and I waited in the cool air conditioned car while Matthew checked out the garden. He came back with a bag full of chard, an arm full of bok choy and a elephant garlic the size of a softball! We were blessed.