Monday, May 24, 2010


Here are just a few things this Miller family has been up to in the last couple of months:

Chesnie got a slip-n-slide for her birthday from Uncle Dan. Matthew had to show the girls how to slide. He was the best at it by far. Mattie got good at sliding on her knees and Ches would just flop on her belly. But never the less, fun was had by all, including me the picture taker.

The girls picked our elephant garlic and it was huge, well at least the stem was!

Little Mermaid, oh I mean Chesnie Grace!
Chesnie celebrated her 4th birthday in the Bay with Aunts, Uncles, Grandma, Gma and Papa. She had angel food cake with yogurt and berries. She got a package of seaweed from Uncle Rick and Auntie Tanya that she asked for and was so excited to get. She also got a little mermaid nightgown that she won't take off and dress up Fancy Nancy clothes. We went to Red Robin for her actual birthday where she enjoyed cheese pizza and an ice cream sunday. The wait staff sang to her and she just beamed! She enjoyed all of her birthday celebrations and she said that she can't believe she isn't 3 anymore.

Our Walla Walla onion that grew taller than Mattie B!

This is the girls getting bored at Grandma's house and deciding to "decorate" Brian while he was napping in the back yard. They were hilarious and thought of it all by themselves. I looked out the window and there was Brian looking like a blooming bush!
Sisters, all tuckered out at Gma and Papa's.

We went strawberry pickin' in Brentwood with cousins. Mattie had a great time and picked the most strawberries. We froze some, dehydrated some, made strawberry lemonade and ate lots!
Matthew's cousin got married and the girls danced the night away. They were the first ones on the floor and the last ones to leave. They danced together, with the bride and with Aunt Barbara.

The girls love to read and will find any spot they can.

A quick visit from Kara and that always means dress up time! Here the girls are in my high school cheerleading uniforms.

Our last Easter with Matthew's dad. Here Matthew and his brother Rick and Mattie are with Ron, sharing a special moment. Since it was raining the girls had an egg hunt indoors. They also had a (blury) picture taken with some of their cousins at church.

The girls thought it would be fun to dress up in moms nighties and slippers!

Pictures of the girls at Turtle Bay museum in Redding.