Thursday, December 10, 2009

Miller Christmas Letter 2009

The air is brisk and light snow is falling as we head home from Mt. Shasta with the best Christmas tree this Miller household has ever seen. As we look back on 2009 we will share with you a few of our blessings as we hope to forget our complaints.

Mattie Bella turned 5 at the cabin this year. We now have a kindergartner and I have a new heavy hat to wear, her teacher. Since we home school we have enjoyed the freedom that gives us to still be able to travel to see family and friends. I really enjoy the program that we are going through which offers classes and extra curricula activities. Mattie has been taking a science and a geography class once a week (Do you know all the continents because my 5 year old does?). She has excellent penmanship and loves to write. Mattie loves being a little mom to her dolls and to her little sister. She has a wonderful imagination and says that she wants to be a chef. She loves everything Tinkerbell and will play a game with anyone willing. Mattie loves to fish with her daddy; she caught both a brook and brown trout this year.

Chesnie Grace is our fiery 3 year old who also enjoys mothering her babies and playing with her sister. Ches is our little entertainer, always making us laugh. She loves to dance to Johnny Cash music and she often will be heard saying, “Dance me.” Chesnie’s senses seem to be highly sensitive as we hear her say, “I hear, smell or see something.” Chesnie wishes that Mattie didn’t have to do school as she looses her playmate for a few hours every day but she does very well playing on her own or listening in on what is being taught. I am afraid that she is going to have to start school in third grade since she seems to pick up a lot of what Mattie is learning. Then they would be in the same class and people would really think they are twins (I get asked that all the time!). As Mattie learns new things during school Ches soaks it right up, even from the other room. We might have to start her in second grade! Both of the girls love to be outdoors. One of their favorite things to do is gather acorns to smash and pine cones to eat the pine nuts.

Matthew is a teacher continuing to wear pool man clothes. Although a teaching job has yet to come we are thankful he has a good job with a great pool company. Matthew enjoys his family time best of all. He enjoys gardening, nature walks, fishing and exploring new places with our family. His fishing highlight of the year was a very special trip to Kennedy Meadows with his dad and brothers where he out fished them all. His dad, Ron, has had a difficult year
with his cancer and we continue to ask for your prayers.

Home schooling has presented its challenges for both Mattie and I but I am amazed at her growth and how much she has learned. I continue to plow through and enjoy every book I get my hands on as I have now started a book review blog, I enjoy connecting with family and friends through Facebook. I love being with my family and enjoying God’s creation with them.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior may your fires be warm, family be near
and your coco hot…Oh, Let it be Christmas!

Matthew, Corrie, Mattie Bella and Chesnie Grace Miller