Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 2011

May started out with our little Ches turning 5! She could not wait for her birthday to get here and milked it for all it was worth. She is so excited to be 5 and can't wait to start school, she wants to learn to read so badly. She is still our little one, always on the go and so very inquisitive. She also says the darnedest things. (Check out the bottom of the blog for some of her funny sayings.) She had a Rapunzel birthday party with 10 of her friends. Gma and Papa, Grandma and an old friend of the family, Heather, came up for the celebration. As always I couldn't have done it without them, they were such a help, especially my mom! The party was a success with Rapunzel crowns and necklaces being made, a game of chase the princess, the Rapunzel tower (built by my mom), chocolate cupcakes and lots of presents. I don't think Ches could have been any happier.
We had a few visits from friends with leisure time to enjoy them. The girls and I got to watch our friends baby, Mattie was smitten and she got him to laugh and smile a lot. There were some warm days so the girls were of course in the pool and slip sliding away. We went to Clear Creek and enjoyed the water, the bugs and a little fishing. Matthew woke the girls up at 5:30 for the Asphalt Cowboy Pancake Breakfast. They enjoyed that special time with daddy. We also got to go to a little bit of the rodeo. The girls loved it and can't wait for next time. I took the girls to a Memorial Day Tribute. I believe it is so important to be thankful for all the freedoms we get to have here in America due to the sacrifice of others. I was brought to tears and the girls had lots of questions. It is a new tradition I am going to keep up. May also brought the end of school! We are all excited for a break, although the weather isn't cooperating. I can't believe we have a Kindergartner and a 2nd grader! Lots more planned for our summer, see you back in June.

The birthday girl with french toast covered with 'snow' (powdered sugar)
Ches birthday dinner, homemade pizza
Mattie's gift to Ches, bought with her own money
Rapunzel nightgown...
...Rapunzel shirt, all things Rapunzel
The amazing tower my mom built
Flynn Rider and Maxamus
Rapunzel and Pascal in the tower
My mom helping with the crafts, couldn't have done the party without her
Ches and her Rapunzel crown
Mattie B and her princess crown
Our resident King of the group
Mattie and some of her friends
She has been wanting this wind chime for months, she was so excited to finally get it
Blowing out her 5 candles
Ches and baby Rapunzel
Princess crown making
The whole party gang
Samaria and Mattie tending to their babies

Baseball with bowling pins and bowling balls-bowlball or baseing anyone?
Waiting in line for backyard bowling
Caleb and his girls
Chesie and Elliot
Mattie B and Elliot
This is how my girls eat lunch, totally chill
A gaggle of girls
Mattie and her friends Faith, Jordan and Rae
The beautiful place we call home
Ches caught a dragonfly
My fly fishing man
My creek walking girl
Asphalt Cowboy Pancake breakfast
The littlest and biggest of the Clydesdale horses with the littlest of girls
Ches hydrating with Big Bubba
Up close and personal
Enjoying the rodeo
A wreath for our fallen heroes

I was there too, see my nose?
They told what all the folds in the flag represent and the empty table is for the POW's
Brought me to tears