Monday, March 29, 2010

March 2010

We took a walk this last weekend by Lake Shasta. It was only going to be a little walk but it turned into a three mile walk. The girls did so good, we were so proud of them. Of course Matthew carried Ches for quite a bit and I did my share of hauling both of them too but all in all we saw beautiful scenery and they trucked along with us enjoying it too.

Matthew has taught the girls all sorts of fly fishing flys through the game Go Fly Fish. He found this stone fly on his pool route and brought it home for the girls. Aren't they brave?!

Matthew and I enjoyed our 9th wedding anniversary in Mt. Shasta. It was two whole days of pure bliss. We enjoyed sleeping in at the bed and breakfast, reading by the fire and playing games, coffee at a coffee shop, lunch at a pub, antique shopping, dinner at our favorite place Lily's, wonderful organic chocolate bark with honeycomb from the health food store, talking without interruption, snowshoeing and just being together.

Short visit from best friend Kara and kids Caleb and Samaria which included story time in a fort, dress up and lots of love.