Friday, July 8, 2011

June 2011

June took us up to the cabin for a rainy weekend. Matthew said he had never been at the cabin that long and not been down to the creek. It was a different experience for us being in the cabin most of the weekend staying cuddled together to keep warm. Our friends came up for the day and enjoyed games and a movie inside with us. The sun did clear for our last day and we were able to visit the creek, take a walk and the girls learned how to play horseshoes for the first time. We always have such fond memories at our cabin. I know Matthew missed his dad the most there as the place just permeates Ron. Matthew made many memories with his dad there and that will always be a special place for him. We also went to Hat Creek, for Father's day, which is another of our families favorite places. We stayed at a cabin right on the river. The girls out fished daddy once again. Chesnie just laughs and laughs when she hooks a fish. Matthew loves that his girls like to fish and gets just as excited when they catch one. We enjoyed picnics by the river, fishing, a cozy cabin and our favorite ice cream spot. We also attended a wedding, a friend of Matthew's from work. The girls always enjoy weddings and this was just a small one at a ranch in the country. Mattie even got to dance with the bride whom she thought was just beautiful. The first day of summer was celebrated by going down to a new yogurt place in town. They had so many different flavors it was hard to choose and in the end Ches got a tummy ache due to eating too much. We also got a visit from the girls friends Caleb and Samaria. They stayed with us while their parents were on the lake house boating. We had such fun swimming with them and just being able to play together. June also brought time in our pool which we love! July is packed full of fun with a birthday, family and trips along with more pool time so check back in soon!

I think she likes it
Enjoying a smore
Cookin' smores in the ole' stove
Matthew cooking breakfast at the cabin just like his dad used to do
Rain boots and creek water go together like pb and jelly

A walk in the woods

Ches in my rain boots with no pants
Pretty Mattie B
The girls on a bridge over Hat Creek
Her catch
Look how excited they both are!
Dad trying to net the fish over the cliff
She laughs when she catches a fish and loves it!
Chesnie caught one
Mattie caught one
Fishing with Daddy
The girls and I at Old Station
Family meal at Hat Creek
Rainy day Ches
A fun meal with the Brumits at the cabin
Driving around in the jeep at the cabin
A fallen tree at the cabin
Daddy's photography
Happy Ches
Playing horseshoes at the cabin
Our two happy girls
Coffee, bbq with some fish on it and he's happy
BBQing some chicken
She loves to fish
Fishing away
My little poser
Father, Daughter and aren't they sweet?
Pretty clouds-pic by Ches
Ches taking a picture of her rainbow toes
Ches took this picture and I love it
Ches asking dad to pretend sleep
Pretend sleeping in the grass
The mug is bigger than her face, she is trying to be like daddy and drink coffee (don't worry the mug is empty)
My fisherman
Picnic in front of the cabin
Stunning blue bellied lizard
Picnic by the creek
My sweet Mattie girl
Mattie kissing a frog hoping for a prince?
Our favorite stop in Hat Creek for ice cream by the river
The girls waiting to catch the boquet, they didn't stand a chance
Mattie dancing with the bride, Hillary
Father's Day BBQ
First day of summer celebrated by going to the new yogurt shop, Spoon Me
The girls trying to wake up Caleb
Mattie picks a whole handful of carrots
Mattie and Samaria with princess dolls
Doing what they all love to do, read