Wednesday, December 14, 2011

November 2011

O November, Matthew's favorite time of the year. College football, his birthday, warm cozy fires, turkey & pumpkin pie might be the reasons it is his favorite. We had a visit from our favorite people the Brownies and enjoyed some special time with them. We went on a field trip to the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown. Chesnie is in love with horses right now and keeps telling us she is ready to move so that we can get land so she can have a horse. There were 1,000 horses and she picked out the one she wanted. Family came up to celebrate Matthew's birthday. They also allowed Matthew and I to get away for a night. We spent the night in Dunsmuir at the Railroad Park Resort, visited Mt. Shasta and then saw a college football game in Weed. It was a great time together honoring Matthew. We went to Whiskeytown to see the spawning Kokanee Salmon. We saw them, saw eggs, found treasures and fished. It was a great science field trip and this is what we love about home schooling. My sister, brother in law and daughter were in town for Thanksgiving and we all went to San Francisco. We enjoyed a go kart tour of the city and saw parts of the city we had never seen. The best part of November was that Matthew interviewed for a teaching job on his birthday and found out a few weeks later that he got the job! We have waited 6 long years for an answer to our prayer and God couldn't have answered it in a better way. He is teaching at the girls school (we home school through a charter school). We get to see him on Wednesdays when the girls take classes and have lunch with him. We couldn't be more pleased.

Picnic lunch with Caleb and Samaria
Best friends
Best buddies (maybe future spouses?)
Saying prayer before dinner
The girls with their friends watching all the horses
Over 1,000 horses
The horse that Ches wants
All the girls in a hay fort
Matthew's birthday
Castle Crags in Dunsmuir
Our train

Half time
What an exciting game it was with triple overtime
Ches fishing
Father and daughter watching for fish
She can even fish with one arm
Roasting marshmellows with Auntie Catie
Swirly kite in SF
Auntie Catie and Ches in the go kart
Auncle Jamie and Mariah ready to roll
The beautiful golden gate bridge
Under the bridge
Peek a boo Ches, I see you
Matthew and I sportin some cool helmets in our go kart
Ches posing with the nutcracker
She got this hat in SF and wanted to sleep with, pooped out
Chesnie's hat is there but off of her head but her trusty cat that has been with her since she broke her arm is right in her face

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

October 2011

October brought more warm weather and my birthday. I had a wonderful celebration with my parents. Matthew and my mom made a yummy dinner. The girls enjoyed the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. They got lots of candy but traded it in for money to a local dentist who gives the candy to our troops. We also had our first trip to the ER as Chesnie broke both the bones in her left wrist. Thankfully it wasn't too bad of a break and she is healing just fine.

She choose purple!
Picking out the color for her new cast
Finally home from the ER
A popsicle for the good patient
In the ER getting her splint put on.

The girls at a field trip to the fish hatchery
My wonderful birthday dinner
Mattie made me lots of bracelets and necklaces for my birthday
Daddy and Ches on the hunt
Searching for the perfect pumpkin
Ches found her big pumpkin
Mattie feeding a goat some straw
Ches riding a goat
Chesnie and her limp chicken
The petting zoo at the pumpkin patch
Mattie climbing the walls just like daddy used to when he was a kid
Ches climbing the walls
Look at that form
Don't need two arms for soccer
And she's off
Daddy eating the guts of the pumpkin
Mattie carving her own pumpkin
Yes, Ches picked a big enough pumpkin that she fit in
Daddy helping Ches carve since she had a broken arm
The girls carved kitties this year
The girls ready for trick or treating
My cute Snow White Mattie
My little Rapunzel Ches
Mattie sorting her candy
Chesnie and her loot