Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011

I am thankful to report that we didn't have to travel in January, we did nothing but enjoy our home and our family. We travel so often to visit friends and loved ones that we don't often get a whole month of being able to stay here in Redding. January brought us that. We were able to go to our church 4 Sundays in a row, we haven't been able to do that since we started attending a year ago. We actually felt like we belonged. So there aren't really any photos, just a few of the girls outside as we have enjoyed some unusually warm and dry weather here. We have taken numerous walks and scooter rides or just been able to enjoy our backyard. The girls continue to push right along in school, Mattie reading more and more. Chesnie has decided that coloring is not something she likes to do in school, she wants to do more writing or reading. I think she might be getting a little ahead of herself. Mattie announced that when she is an adult she will be moving closer to Disneyland. I told her she would have to take a long trip to see us but she said that at least she wouldn't have to take a long trip to get to Disneyland. Ches said that we were going to move out of our house and she would move in. I informed her that when she got old enough she is the one who moves out. She thought about that for a minute then said that Gma and Papa would move out and she would move into their house. Matthew has only 13 more days (as I type this) of his long term sub job. It has been a challenge for him but has grown him too. He is looking forward to a little time in pool land with no one talking back to him. Looking forward to February which will bring some travels and some company too.