Wednesday, April 13, 2011

March 2011

March brought some crazy weather our way. We had hail more times than I can recall. The girls liked to go and collect it in bowls and eat it. We had so much hail it looked like an inch of snow! Mattie lost her second tooth, exactly one week from the first one. But this time she didn't want to swallow it so before she went to bed she decided to pull it out. She panicked when she saw the blood but I reassured her she was fine. She already had the adult tooth coming in behind it so there are no holes in her mouth. One Saturday morning we had some feathered visitors. Two ducks decided to use our pool for a little swim. The girls thought this was great and are hoping they come back to stay. The girls and I got a chance to visit our friends in OR. We had such fun. All the kids had a pillow fight but Chesnie and Caleb really got into it and Ches gave him a run for his money. She would knock him down with the pillow and then get on his back and wrap her legs around him so he couldn't get up. He loves her and was very patient while she pinned him. Many memories were made! Matthew and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary but you will have to wait till the April update for that info as we waited to celebrate.

Our inch of hail not snow
Matthew's loving words in the hail

2nd tooth out
Feathered friends come for a swim

Girls story time
Caleb getting it from both sides
Push him over with the pillow....
...then climb on his back, wrap your legs around him and pin him
Funny faced kids
My girl from another mother
Love the joy in my Mattie B
Mattie with Snow White, Ches with Aurora, Samaria with Ariel and Caleb with Prince Phillip