Monday, December 6, 2010

Miller Christmas Letter 2010

Christmas Greetings from up North!

As we head back down the mountain with another beautiful Mt. Shasta Christmas tree in the back of our pick up we thank God for such a beautiful area to live and reflect upon the blessings He has given us. This Miller family is happy to say we made it through another year. There have been some difficulties but we are able to thank God for being with us.

Mattie Bella is 6 years old and in first grade. She has really blossomed in home school this year and has become a great reader and amazing artist. She has really grasped the joy in learning which is fun for me to see. She is still an avid Tinker Bell fan and loves to be a 2nd mommy to Ches. She also became a great swimmer this summer, swimming the whole length of the pool. She is taking gymnastics and despite being the smallest she is excelling.

Chesnie Grace is 4 years old. She so badly wants to be in school so I have started working with her too. She is a smart little thing and has already learned all the sounds of the alphabet and how to write all her letters. She also has an amazing memory, memorizing whole books word for word and a very inquisitive mind, always asking questions. She is still a ball of energy never in one place too long. She also became a great swimmer this summer, even jumping off the diving board. Chesnie is taking a gymnastic class too and doing very well. She has taken quite an interest in singing, sometimes doing more of it than talking.

On to our blessings:

-We were able to take the girls to Disneyland with my parents in October. It was so fun for all of us to see the wonder through their eyes. We had been there 5 minutes and Ches said, "This is the best place in the world!"

-Matthew and I were so blessed to be able to take a trip, just the two of us, to Jamaica. My parents kept the girls for the week and spoiled them like crazy. Matthew and I had a very peaceful, relaxing time in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

-We were blessed with a new pickup truck from Matthew's dad. Ron lost his battle with cancer and went home on April 30th. It has been hard without him, but we are so thankful he is healed and celebrate that he is with Jesus. We have also seen God lift his mom, Carol, up and sustain her through this hard year.

-Matthew is starting a 2 month teaching job that we pray will help him get a foot back in the door of teaching. It is still his desire to teach and we continue to wait on the Lord for this.

Fishing Highlights

-Watching Chesnie catch her 1st fish at the cabin

-Watching Mattie catch a 21" rainbow trout at the kids fishing day in Mt. Shasta (bigger than any trout Matthew has ever caught)

-It is so much fun for Matthew to pass on to the girls the things he learned from his dad

-Matthew catching a fat 16" wild rainbow trout on Father's Day

I am enjoying home schooling the girls. I have enjoyed taking a kick boxing class now for about a year and a half. I also started running and ran the 6 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I continue to enjoy reading and keep a blog ( with all the books I've read. I had some health problems this summer, my body was just plain worn out and couldn't go anymore. I had quite a scary experience at church but many people were praying for me. I rested and took it really easy over the summer and had friends pray for my healing and God was so gracious and brought me back to full health, not a problem since.

Another year watching our girls grow. Another year of watching God's hand in our lives. Another year full of His beauty. Another year thanking God for being Lord of our lives.

Merry Christmas and many of His blessings,

Matt, Corrie, Mattie and Chesnie Miller

November 2010

Most memorable from November is our trip to Jamaica. It was a wonderful time being with Matthew and enjoying rest on the beach. A trip I will never forget and a trip I would like to repeat! November also brought jumping in leaves in the backyard. Ches read how the Berenstain Bears got to jump in the leaves in the fall and has been asking every day since. So one Saturday Matthew and the girls raked leaves off of the patio and scooped them up and dumped them onto the lawn. Chesnie and Mattie had such fun running and jumping in them. It was our fall version of the slip-n-slide. I have fond memories of doing the same thing when I was a kid. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving here in Redding with my parents and Matthew's mom, Carol. The girls really enjoyed having all of them here to be doted on. I ran a 6 mile Turkey Trot and was so proud of myself for finishing and running the whole race in 1hr 7min. Me and my dad did Black Friday shopping and just about started and finished all of our Christmas shopping. I had such fun with him! We all got to go to the movies to watch Tangled which the girls and adults really enjoyed. I also got a short visit from my Best Curly Haired friend who gave me and the girls our Christmas presents early, hand sewn aprons. We love them and are looking forward to wearing them for our Christmas baking. We were so blessed to have our healthy, happy family with us and are looking forward to Christmas with everyone!

Just a cute, random pic of Ches in the rain

Up to her neck in leaves!

Mattie enjoying the pile of leaves

Both girls at once!

Dumping leaves on Ches

Love the hair flying behind her

Poser Ches in a ray of sunlight

Raking the leaves for the big pile

Kara made all the aprons-Tink for Mattie, Ariel for Ches and hearts of love for me!

The Thanksgiving crew

Matthew getting ready to carve

The girls made me a sign for running the Trot

Me after the race

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jamaica 2010

Matthew and I were so blessed to be able to take a 5 night trip to Jamaica in November. Now this is a place that I have always wanted to go. I had hoped we would go for our honeymoon but we ended up in Maui instead, not that I am complaining. So I said that maybe we would go for our 10 year anniversary, Matthew said our 25th. We had been saving change for 10 years and said that we would use it for Jamaica some day. Well that some day came! We have had a trying year and especially over the last 6 months or so with Matthew's dad passing away and me having health problems over the summer. We were both in need of some rest and recuperation with one another to regroup. So we did it, which is really something we never do! We have never left our girls for more than 2 days and never, ever been this far from them. The girls stayed with my parents and were spoiled like crazy going mini golfing, Chuck E. Cheese (2x), shopping sprees, movies and eating pizza 5x in one week. They didn't even miss us but that is ok because we enjoyed ourselves so much we didn't really miss them too much either! We went to an all inclusive resort in Montego Bay and everything was just beautiful. I highly recommend an all inclusive place. It was so nice to not have to worry about money and to get whatever you wanted on the menu or even order room service. I have never been to a more beautiful place. The weather was just perfect and the beach was amazing with warm aqua blue water and white sand. We mostly just spent time at the beach but we also went kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. Mostly we just relaxed and enjoyed being with one another with no children to interrupt. What a blessing it was and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to go!
Matthew enjoying the warm water
A coconut and a little lounging

Check out those muscles folks, rowing out to sea on the kayak

My handsome hubby and me ready for a dinner date

Out at sea looking back towards our resort from the kayak

Out on a point looking at our resort

The view

Enjoying a yummy mango drink, the beach and a book-it didn't get any better than this!

A musical called Reggae Love put on by some of the workers at the resort

Another delicious dessert

A frosty beer for Matthew

The resort pool that changed colors-view from our balcony

Yumminess in a glass

Sand shoes as Matthew calls them

A little pina coladas and some sand

Loving the beach, just beautiful!

Matthew's favorite part about Jamaica-the jerk chicken. Here he is with his favorite buddy.

Matthew enjoying a fishing book and a Jamaican beer

Guava cheescake, yummy!

The happy couple at dinner

A swing at the bar

Our bedroom

A glorious sunset at Montego Bay

The cool towers at the resort that change colors

The happy couple at sunset

Poolside dining

The happy couple

I love this place!