Friday, November 5, 2010

October 2010

Well last month I didn't have many pictures and this month, overload! We got some unusually warm weather in October and so we spent some time at the Sundial Bridge where the girls love to hang on the cables and be chased by dad in the grass. I was able to capture a most glorious sunset but of course pictures just don't do it justice. The girls enjoying hanging from anything they can. They have found a tree in our front yard that they can climb and hang from. We also got our first apples from our apple tree. Mattie's says it is her tree because daddy planted it for her. She loves apples. Matthew also got a picture of the girls doing dishes, they love to help our around the house!

My best curly haired friend came for a birthday visit with Caleb and Samaria. We had another unusually warm day and Caleb just wanted to swim oh so badly. The weather might have been nice but the pool was very chilly but he enjoyed himself. I couldn't resist his little bum in his Elmo undies, too cute. They kids played lawn bowling and picked grapes till their tummies were content. And Matthew gets to have a little time pretending he has a son. He and Caleb watched some college football together. The time together was perfect, simply perfect. I love living life with her and watching our kids together, they truly are all kindred spirits.

We visited the pumpkin patch when very hot October day. I honestly can't remember going to the pumpkin patch over the last 10 years in Redding and it ever being cool. We are always dressed in our shorts and tank tops with flip flops while we are thinking about Fall and wishing it were really upon us. This day at the patch was unbearably warm so we went out picked the first good pumpkins we saw, paid and got back into the air conditioned car. Something is really wrong with this picture I know but what can I say, we live in Redding where 115 is normal.

And for the big event of October: Disneyland! We were so blessed to be able to take the girls to Disneyland for two days with my parents. It was an awesome experience to see the wonder through our girls eyes. I hadn't been since being a Sr. in High School and Matthew hadn't been since Jr. High. And let me tell you, being a girl is a great thing when you go to Disneyland, there are princesses everywhere! This trip was all about Mattie B and Chesnie. We entered Fantasy Land and really never left as the girls were filled with awe. I think within 5 minutes Chesnie was saying it was the best place ever! They got to have their pictures with princesses and Tinker Bell. Chesnie saw a roller coaster and just had to go on it. Mattie was a little unsure and at the last moments decided it was too scary for her. But Ches had the time of her life on it. She was laughing and screaming. I have never seen her so excited. I turned around the whole time and was taking her picture. Dumbo and the teacups were a hit of course. I was also thrilled to be able to take them on It's a Small World. It was my favorite and we have a book about it that I have read to the girls so I was so glad to be able to share this part of my childhood with them.

While we were in So. Cal. we stayed with some friends of mine, Lita and Steve. I used to babysit their 3 girls when they were my girls ages. We got back in touch through FB and they were very generous to let us stay with them. It was great fun to see all of them after 10 years. I am so proud of Kylie, Marlee and Casey and all that they have become. My girls loved them and had such fun being spoiled by them. We want to go back just so we can spend more time with them!

And lastly Halloween. Matthew's mom was up for a visit and the girls enjoyed having her around to play all sorts of things with. She enjoyed being here to see them all dressed up. We went to our church's carnival first then came home and did some trick or treating in the neighborhood. Mattie was Tinker Bell and Chesnie was Belle. Since they are just about the only kids in the neighborhood they get tons of candy. Their buckets were overflowing! And they carved the cutest pumpkins ever, such happy pumpkins.