Thursday, November 20, 2008

House Arrest

I have been under house arrest for 4 days now due to my girls being sick. I want to first say I am thankful that my girls rarely get sick (hopefully I don't get cursed for saying this). But now that I am on day four I think I can do a little complaining. Every time Chesnie's nose runs, which is like every 5 seconds, she cries. I tell her that when she cries she only makes it run more. This does not even phase her. She has also rubbed her little nose and upper lip raw. She wipes with a vengeance. I keep telling her to pat her nose but she still wipes it like she needs to wipe her lip off. Again, this doesn't phase her. So then she cries and whines because her nose is hurting her. Mattie also tries to tell her not to cry and to be careful when wiping her nose. She doesn't care to listen to her either. Surprise, surprise. Mattie is such the little mother sometimes I wonder who really needs me around? She has more compassion with Chesnie than I do. Maybe I should just leave them to their own devices and go for a cup of coffee, I could use the break. Mattie does keep saying that she wants a turn at being the mom. Yesterday I told her that I would gladly be the kid if she wanted to be the mom and deal with two sick crying kids. She didn't take me up on the offer. Even though Chesnie is sick she still can't sit still. Most kids would just like to sit on the couch and veg, not Chesnie. She wants music on to dance to. But nothing lasts for more than five minutes when her nose is running again and she wipes it and it hurts again. The distraction is only in five minute increments. I am sure that my husband, who is now sick, isn't thrilled to come home for the fourth day and see us all in the same pj's. By the way, why is it that I am around the sickness 24 hours a day, wiping noses and getting coughed on and he is the one sick? I am glad that I am not sick because I would still have to do everything that I am doing now, taking care of three people, but while being sick. Moms don't get the luxury of being sick and sitting on the couch or laying in bed, we still have to be mom. So to all the moms out there who are put under house arrest this winter due to sick children, I feel your pain.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Matthew turns 35 today and I just wanted everyone to know how blessed I am to call him mine. He is so good to me and the girls. He has been a blessing beyond measure. He is so selfless and is always making sure that the girls and I are first. I am so proud of all that he has become. He is a man of God to the fullest. He wants to follow Him and does his best daily to do this. He loves me fully and completely. I never thought I would be loved like he loves me. We have faced many challenges in the last 7+ years but he is ever positive and he does always make me laugh. He continues to work on being a better father and husband. He may be a quiet soul but his life speaks volumes to who he is, what he stands for and what is important. So today I want to say Happy Birthday and thank you for the example that you are to me, to our girls and to those around you.

I love you beyond measure Matthew!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Child Like Questions

Mattie has been asking a lot of questions about heaven and how to get there and Jesus being in our hearts. She has two children's Bibles that she loves to have read to her. We read them just about every day. Matthew said the other night that he wanted her to understand what she was doing when she asked Jesus into her heart. My response was that she will understand as much as a four year old, or however old she is when it happens, can. Doesn't He ask us to have child like faith? What does that mean exactly? I am not sure of the answers but I do know that I want Mattie and Chesnie to have Jesus in their hearts as soon as possible because we never know what tomorrow may hold. And I don't want to squelch the Holy Spirit or say it wasn't for real because they are too young. Is there a too young?
I was talking to Mattie yesterday about how daddy and mommy have Jesus in our hearts and we will go to heaven when we die. She said she wanted to go to heaven too. I said that anyone who has Jesus in their heart can go to heaven. I told her that she just need to pray and ask Him into her heart and that she could do that whenever she was ready.
This morning she came into my room and asked if I had heard her praying. I told her that I hadn't but asked what she was praying about. She said that she was praying for us to have a good time at Rhett and Keely's house (we are visiting Matthew's best friend this weekend) and for Jesus to be in our hearts. I didn't ask any more questions. I don't know if this means she asked Jesus into her heart but I am excited that the curiosity is there and if this wasn't "it" the time will be soon.
I am thankful that I live where I can freely talk to my children about Jesus. I am encouraged by Mattie and her questions. I pray that both Mattie and Chesnie will choose to have Jesus in their hearts at a young age and continue to walk with Him all of their days. Nothing, absolutely nothing could bring me greater joy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


It started out a little rough here in Redding. It was raining and the girls weren't too sure about going out in it. We had Chesnie dressed as an elephant with rain boots and Mattie as Tinkerbell. Matthew and I carried umbrellas to keep us all dry. When we were in the driveway Mattie started to cry and say that she was scared. I had to convince her that rain isn't scary and that we were there with her and this was going to be fun. It seems that I am always trying to convince Mattie that there is fun to be had. After a hug and a pep talk from mom and daddy picking her up we were ready to head out. Thankfully the rain subsided and was only a mist for most of the night. We live in an older neighborhood so there aren't many trick or treaters and we were the first to come around. The old ladies think the girls are just adorable. Mattie even said, "Bye-bye I love you", when we were leaving a house. All in all it was a success. The girls enjoyed it and we didn't get too wet. When we came home they spread out all their candy and chose what they wanted to eat. Now they are a little confused as they have had it drilled into them that candy is bad for you and here there have a whole bucket full. After much deliberation they each picked out their candy and proceeded to enjoy. As you can see from the pictures Ches immediately got a sugar rush. After they went to bed mom and dad confiscated half of the candy, ssh don't tell!