Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April 2011

April brought lots of activities for this household. The girls continue in gymnastics and are doing really well. Chesnie got moved up to Mattie's class, she is the youngest and smallest. She has to do 20 cartwheels to get across the floor when everyone else does 10. Mattie no longer walks, she cartwheels every where. We have to watch out for flying feet. We decided to move our garden and built raised beds this year. Hopefully we will finally have a prolific garden, please Lord! The girls helped shovel soil, always wanting to help Matthew with outside jobs. We celebrated Easter in the Bay with both of our families. We enjoyed decorating about 4 dozen eggs at my parents and then Easter brunch at Matthew's parents along with a big egg hunt. The girls baskets were overflowing with eggs! During spring break the girls went to a soccer camp. Chesnie has been interested in soccer and we thought a one week camp would get their feet wet. My girls are always so unpredictable, Chesnie rather just sit on the ball where as Mattie scored 3 goals! Just when you think you know 'em. Matthew and I enjoyed a weekend away in Mt. Shasta for our 10 year anniversary. The Mt. Shasta Ranch is also where he took me for our 1st year anniversary. We went snow shoeing and enjoyed many local eateries. We played ping pong and read and talked a lot. It is always good to have this time together. Lastly, we took the girls fishing at Grace Lake. After a while Mattie and I got cold and headed to the van with no fish. Ches stayed with Matthew and after about 20 min they both came back with smiles on their faces. Their persistence paid off, they caught two fish. May is already underway with lots more pictures to come.

I used to wear my hair like this

Working hard to help daddy shovel dirt

Who says girls in skirts can't shovel dirt?

Mattie and her daddy

The girls helping out in our new garden beds

Mattie Bella washing off her toesies

Our kitty Jersie, hiding in the grass

She can hold a handstand like nobodies business

This is how Mattie gets around, she never walks anymore, just cartwheels

Ches doing her cartwheels

Cartwheel Mattie

She sure can jump high for how little she is

Reach the sky

The coach using Mattie to show how it is done

Mattie doing a flip

Chesnie doing a flip with the help of her coaches

Monkey Mattie

How long can she hold this pose?

Uncle Rick giving hints

Mattie and her loot

Uncle Dan and and Grandma looking on

The Easter bunny leaves presents too

Auntie Tanya lending a helping hand

Personality coming through

Easter dresses

Reading to her little sis

My little reader girl

Outside the soccer park on a giant soccer ball

Ches taking it away from her sister

The coach helping Ches make a throw in

Mattie making a break for the goal

Love this shot

Mattie making a goal

Going after the ball

They know how to stop the ball

I love this mountain and never want to live where I can't see it, Mt. Shasta in all its glory

Our 1 and 10 year anniversary get-a-way, Mt. Shasta Ranch

I love this man

Matthew holding up a tree

Beautiful mountain range

Made it to the top

Matthew 'skiing' down the mountain (in snow shoes)

We do enjoy our time together

Matthew pondering life

Bridge over Lake Siskiyou

Laid back fishing at its best

This is how my girls fish

Ches watching her daddy bait the line

Matthew having a cast

Beautiful wood duck

Mattie hooking a worm just like daddy taught her

Ches with her catch of the day