Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miller Boy's Fishing Trip

For Father's Day, albeit a little late since it was in September, Matthew went on a fishing trip with his dad and his brother's, Rick and Dan. They woke up early Saturday morning to head to Kennedy Meadows, an hour out of Sonora. According to Matthew it was just beautiful. They had great luck fishing with Matthew catching the most, 8 fish! They enjoyed dinner together and then passed out in a little cabin. They woke up the next morning and had a cowboy breakfast and a little more fishing then headed home. It was a special time for Matthew to be together with his brothers and his dad. They had lots of fun and took lots of pictures. Matthew said he wishes they had not waited so long to take a trip like this together.

August Happenings's

We spent Labor Day with our best friends, the Brownie's, up in Salem. We had such a great time all being together. Mattie loved on Sam and Ches bossed around Caleb. The kids had lots of fun outside in the backyard swinging away. They also got to go to the Gilbert House, a children's museum, with the daddy's. Kara and I enjoyed some girlfriend time, chocolate cake and shopping. The boys enjoyed some boy time with football. The picture of the guys on the couch is all of them watching a game. It was such a blessing to be with our best friends for another fun filled Labor Day!

This is Caleb at church leaning on Matthew and holding his hand, just precious!

Mattie my little hippie girl! I love this picture!

Matthew took the girls to Old Shasta. They got to go to a bakery, a courthouse and a museum. They got to pan for gold, Chesnie's favorite. Then they found a beach at Whiskeytown lake. They swam and built castles and found treasures. Mattie was so brave, she swam just like she was in our pool. She has gotten to be a good swimmer this summer. They had so much fun they took me the next day. The picture of just bubbles in the water is Mattie and Matthew going under at the same time. We live in a beautiful place and it was nice to get out and enjoy His beauty.
Matthew is such a good daddy and at the end of the day her carried both girls up all those stairs. The girls loved the special day with their daddy and I love that I have such a loving to husband that treasures his girls.