Thursday, January 13, 2011

December 2010

December was filled with lots of family and fun. We were able to really get into the Christmas spirit this year and did a lot to celebrate with the girls. We cut down our tree in Mt. Shasta, well Matthew did. Every year we anticipate it being so much fun and every year the girls complain about being too cold (they truly are Redding girls) and hungry. So Matthew forges through the forest and finds the tree and cuts it and hauls it, alone, back to the truck where the girls and I are warm and feeding our faces with snacks. What a good man he is! We enjoyed our lighted Christmas parade despite the rain. We decorated the house with lights, snowflake garland, nativities, mitten garlands, bell wreaths, pine cone wreaths, greenery and candles. The girls and Matthew made gingerbread men for the first time and really enjoyed the decorating process. We had a few sunny days in the beginning of December and took advantage of them with a beautiful walk. We baked at least 20 loaves of bread to give to neighbors, friends and family. We celebrated Christmas Eve with Matthew's family and Christmas day with mine. My sister and brother in law were there from Nashville and my brother with his kids. Mom was so happy to have us all together. The girls enjoyed time with cousins on the play set, making gingerbread houses and opening and playing with new presents. We got to visit with our cousins who just adopted a little boy from Uganda. We have been praying for them through the long process and were so happy to be able to hold Finley. The girls loved being able to feed him and hold him and play with him. We were blessed to hold this little miracle and see what great things God has for him and his mama and daddy. Finally come the second of January we were able to celebrate our little Christmas. The girls were thrilled to have 3 times the fun of opening presents. Matthew got a new smoker bbq for Christmas and was able to cook on it for the first time. He was so happy to be smokin' dinner. Good family times and lots of things to be thankful for. Now if we can just make it through this cold January !

Mt. Shasta covered in fresh snow

Beautiful Mt. Shasta

He literally crawled on his hands and knees to get the tree!

Matthew finally getting the tree out of the snow

Our towns Christmas tree

Ches, hair and umbrella

A fire truck decked out in lights

A lighted tractor

Staying dry at the parade

Cutting out the gingerbread cookies

All the little gingerbread men

A beautiful Oak tree

Can you find Mattie?

Hiding in the grass

Can you see me in this picture?

Ches wanted so badly to go higher

Tree climbers
God's beautiful creation on our fall walk

Mattie tuckered out in daddy's arms

The cousins in their Christmas Eve best

She waited a long time for this and was so excited to get it from Grandma

All the princesses for Ches and all the Fairies for Mattie

The girls got dress up and the dolls to match from Grandma

Matthew reading to James and Ches

My brother Chris and his son James

Mattie B snuggles with Papa
Sleepy Rapunzel

Reading the Christmas story with Papa

Rapunzel sitting pretty

Chesnie happy to get Ariel

Snow White sitting pretty

Kylie and Gma Christmas morning

So cute!

The all got dress up for Christmas. Kylie and Ches are Rapunzel and Mattie is Snow White

The girls, Kylie, Mattie and Chesnie

Having fun in Gma's backyard

The finished gingerbread house


She couldn't wait to hold him and I think he is bigger than her!

The girls and their new cousin Finley

Ches giving him a drink

Mattie taking a try at feeding Fin

Ches and Fin playing together

Mattie loving being with Finley

Can you tell I am happy to be holding this little miracle?
Mattie made the can for Matthew in art class, she was so proud

Mattie got a new bath towel, little princess

Chesnie's framed picture of her first fish

Matching girls in their new bathrobes, slippers and pj pants

Look at him, so happy and so very handsome!