Thursday, March 19, 2009


Matthew and I were able to go away for a much needed two night break. My parents came up and stayed with the girls. Of course the girls could care less that we were leaving when they get to be with Gma and Papa. They went to the library, did a craft and came home with a bag full of books. They went to the gym and got to play. They got to go to the store and pick out whatever they wanted. This included applesauce, yogurt and blueberry bagels. They also got mounds of books read to them and an uncountable number of games played. Mom and dad should go away all the time.
Matthew and I headed up north to McCloud. We stayed at the McCloud Mercantile Inn. We got blessed and were able to stay in their very best room. The bathroom was all river rock with a large jacuzzi tub. The bed was a huge log bed. We had breakfast at the diner next store with a very friendly waitress named Aubrey. On Saturday we had a date with a snowmobile. We had such a blast. Matthew loved being able to drive and I loved being able to see the beauty of God's creation. The white snow, the beautiful tall trees with no one else around. It was a lot of fun. Then we headed to Weed to eat at our favorite place, The Pizza Factory. Then we headed back to the inn for some rest and relaxation. For dinner we went to Mt. Shasta and ate at our favorite little place, Lily's. We enjoyed some exceptional wild cherry chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It is just a quaint little house turned resturant. It is cozy and quiet and never busy so you are never rushed. The next morning was just a lazy morning with no rush to leave. We enjoyed another great breakfast at the diner and then read some back in our room. We packed to leave as the snow began to fall.
All in all it was a great time to be able to relax and be together. We don't get many oportunities to be just the two of us and we needed the break. We are so thankful to my parents for coming and watching the girls, it allows us to be able to relax and not have to worry about them.
I recommend this for all married couples, take the time for one another. Matthew and I make it a priority every year to get away. Most of the time we can't really afford it financially but our marriage can't afford not to in an even bigger way so we do it!

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Jenny said...

How fun Corrie! I'm SO happy you guys got to get away. Looks like you picked the perfect place.