Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miller Boy's Fishing Trip

For Father's Day, albeit a little late since it was in September, Matthew went on a fishing trip with his dad and his brother's, Rick and Dan. They woke up early Saturday morning to head to Kennedy Meadows, an hour out of Sonora. According to Matthew it was just beautiful. They had great luck fishing with Matthew catching the most, 8 fish! They enjoyed dinner together and then passed out in a little cabin. They woke up the next morning and had a cowboy breakfast and a little more fishing then headed home. It was a special time for Matthew to be together with his brothers and his dad. They had lots of fun and took lots of pictures. Matthew said he wishes they had not waited so long to take a trip like this together.

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BookGirl78 said...

That's neat they went fishing. How is Mr. Miller doing? Do they still live in the same place in Walnut Creek? Great pics.