Wednesday, June 23, 2010


June brought on my sister Catie's wedding. I have been planning this wedding with Catie since she got engaged in December. It was a beautiful wedding in the backyard of some friends who live in Alamo. There were only a few hiccups but all in all I think it was everything that she wanted. I know that Jamie was thrilled to see it all come together. I was in the wedding and so were the girls. I could not have done all that I did without my wonderful husband who used his muscles and truck to pick up a bazillion things whenever I asked him to. We made a great team! Cousins James and Kylie were also in the wedding so we got to spend the week with them at Gma and Papa's. They all had a great time playing together and we continue to wish that we lived closer. After the wedding we went up to our cabin in the Trinity mountains with our best friends the Brownies. It was a wonderfully relaxing time with the best of friends. All the kids enjoyed the great outdoors and driving the jeep around and around. The adults enjoyed talking and laughing together. This was our first time at the cabin since Ron's death which was hard as we all missed him but we were all able to remember fond memories of him. I think we will always feel closest to him while at the cabin, his favorite place.

My Matthew and cousin Matthew loading tables

All the girls in the family doing flowers on Friday

The best of cousins: Mattie, Chesnie, Kylie and James

Gma with all her grandkids

This girl loves to dance!

Kylie, Mattie and Chesnie tuckered out after the wedding.


Story time!

Mattie trying out daddy's fly rod for the first time.

They loved the water shooters from the Brownies!

Miller family at the Cabin June 2010

Smore time, yum yum

Mattie and her future hubby, Caleb

Mattie and her favorite little one, Samaria Rae

The greatest, fuzziest catapillar ever!

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