Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August 2010

August started off with my cousins wedding in the Bay Area. Our girls love a good wedding with lots of dancing. It was a beautiful wedding at a vineyard and I have never seen a bride so happy, she just beamed. The girls enjoyed being with their cousins and of course dancing!

Matthew took the girls fishing on Clear Creek but I think mostly they just caught frogs, lizards and grasshoppers, a favorite pastime. In the picture they are holding "sleeping" blue bellied lizards. Ches of course wanted to cross the creek but ever careful Mattie didn't think it was a good idea so Ches came back and coaxed her big sister and held her hand so they could cross together. They are good for each other, balancing each other out.

We took a weekend and went camping in Mt. Shasta at Gumboot Lake. It was lots of fun and oh so peaceful. The girls went fishing at kids fishing day at the hatchery. They both caught two fish. Chesnie was so excited so just kept laughing. Mattie caught the biggest, a 21" 6lber, bigger than anything Matthew has caught. People gathered around to watch her bring it in and the man that helped us said it was the biggest one of the day. We couldn't believe it! She seems to be the best fisherman in our family. The girls enjoyed fishing, collecting things, climbing trees, wading in the lake and searching for frogs and other insects. I enjoyed breakfast by the lake and just watching the girls enjoy God's creation. They really do have a love for all things outdoors.

New life vests from Cabela's

My Mattie B, she is a beauty!

Taking a walk on the River Trail to pick blackberries

Yes, she dressed herself

Backyard grapes and smores on the bbq

Mattie got to go to Old Navy and pick out an outfit for her first day of classes. Here she is with the dress she picked out and her Fancy Nancy backpack from Auntie Catie. She is our big 6 year old and in 1st grade. Chesnie couldn't be left out, she wanted her picture taken too.

Tinker Bell dress up time. Chesnie really thought that once she put on the wings she could fly. She was sorely disappointed but hopes that Gma can find her pixie dust and then she can fly!

The girls started gymnastic lessons and really enjoyed it. Mattie is learning to do a hand stand and a kart wheel. She is wearing one of my leotards that I wore when I was her age and taking gymnastics. Ches is enjoying being with her friend Jordan and tumbling with lots of other kids.

Chesnie loves to play in the rain and since you are only young once I let her. She went outside in her nightgown, cowgirl boots and snow jacket. She was outside for 30 minutes singing away, happy as could be. I couldn't stop taking pictures. I am so glad that God decided I needed another child, she brings such laughter to my soul!

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