Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 2011

February brought running through the sprinkler days and playin' in the snow days, yes, all in one month! When the sun is out our girls think it is time for the pool. So the sun came out and bathing suits were on. They ran through the sprinklers and then a jump in the pool. Mattie was the only brave one and she jumped out faster than she jumped in and could barely catch her breath. Spring sprung with lots of trees and flowers in bloom and then the snow came. Quite a site to see daffodils, iris' and apricot blossoms covered in snow. We built a snowman and sledded in our own backyard. Mattie said, "It looks like we live in the mountains." We also had snow smoothies. Our friends blessed us with a bicycle and the girls have been enjoying learning to ride it with training wheels. Grandma was here to see and help them along too. The most exciting news of the month is that Mattie lost her first tooth! Her two bottom teeth have been loose for a while with her adult teeth growing up behind them. One morning she woke up and said her tongue felt funny. I just thought it was because she could feel under her tooth since it was so loose. A few minutes later Matthew says, "You lost your tooth!" So she either ate it with her morning oatmeal or swallowed it in her sleep. Her only worry was that the tooth fairy wouldn't come. We assured her that the tooth fairy new these kinds of things and would still come even if there was no tooth. She was very excited the next morning to find some money and a princess book with a note from the tooth fairy under her pillow. I am keeping my eye on Ches as she so desperately wants a tooth to fall out I am afraid she might just yank one!

Ches enjoying the sprinkles, as she calls them.

Oh to be a child enjoying the sun and some sprinklers!

Bathing beauties in February!

My favorite tree, tulip tree

Valentine's morning with heart shaped pancakes

Some cauliflower snow

Jammies, rain boots and snow

A little spring a little winter

Apple blossoms

A little snow smoothie

Winter wonderland, what is it about snow that makes everything so beautiful?

Miller family boots

Happy snow man builders

Sledding with daddy

The missing tooth and big girl Mattie!

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