Monday, January 2, 2012

Miller Christmas Letter 2011

Here it is January 2nd and I’m just sitting down to write our Christmas letter. So since Christmas is over this will be our New Years letter. Yah, Christmas snuck up on us.

Mattie Bella is 7 and losing teeth and enjoying visits from the tooth fairy. She has found the joy of reading and will wake up in the morning and read to her sister. She loves to take walks or long scooter rides. She is our little planner and organizer. She is in second grade and the last one in her art class as she is very particular and detailed and her work is amazing. Mattie tried her foot at soccer this year and made four goals.

Chesnie is 5 and continues to be the girl that keeps up laughing. She doesn’t care if she matches, the more colors the better. She loves to be fancy and says how hard it is to be the only fancy one in the family. She wants to have hair as long as Rapunzel and is doing a good job of it as it goes past her little bottom now. She is our Kindergartener and is thoroughly enjoying taking classes at school with her big sister. They both take Spanish, American Sign Language and Art. Chesnie can always be heard saying I love you as she is our affectionate one. She also has learned to read! Chesnie broke the first bone in the family, well two of them. She broke both bones in her left wrist, got a purple cast and hung from the monkey bars three days after getting it off.

The biggest news of all is that after 7 years of asking, God answered and Matthew has a teaching job! He is teaching at The Academy of Personalized Learning (APL) which is the charter school the girls attend. It has been so fun having daddy at school and being able to eat lunch with him on Wednesday’s. He will be teaching three classes and will have students under him that he meets with once a month. This is a new adventure for him, with a lot of computer work but we are all looking forward to him officially being a teacher and doing the job that God called him to. Matthew’s 2011 Fishing Highlight was fishing with his brother Rick and sister in law Tanya on the Carville Dredge pond and catching a limit of trout from his float tube. His also enjoys barbequing on his Texas style smoker.

I continue to hold down the fort here in this Miller house. I am now homeschooling both girls which is fun and challenging. Both girls learn so differently but it helps that they like to learn about the same things. I read whenever I get a chance and continue to blog about the books that I read at When I’m not homeschooling, cooking, cleaning house or reading I am kick boxing, blogging, photo taking, drinking tea or walking. My greatest joy is being with my family and making memories to treasure for a lifetime.

We are thankful for our many blessings and looking forward to another year of making memories together.

Matt, Corrie, Mattie and Chesnie Miller

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Mama Quiz said...

Sounds like a great year!! So glad Matt is teaching! Looking forward to the next time we see one another. : )