Saturday, December 20, 2008

The New Hair

So I have a great and wonderful friend who knew that I wanted to get my hair cut but couldn't afford it. So for my Christmas present she brought me to get my hair cut! Truthfully the only time that I have gone to a salon to get my hair cut is when my friends pay for it. Sad I know. But I wanted to get it chopped off, short and fun and different. Here are the pictures. It is a little more froish than it normally would be because the hair dresser kept messing with it but if you know me you know that I have a fro. So it is shorter than ever, curlier and bigger than ever and a lot of fun. Matthew likes it and says that it is cute, although his mouth dropped when I got home. Both of the girls just kept looking at me. Mattie finally said that she liked it better down, which meant she liked it better when it was long. Oh well, I love it and that is what matters. I needed something different, something a little more spunky. Honestly I needed a change.

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Jenny said...

CUTE Corrie! It looks great!