Monday, December 1, 2008


Woke up and walked in the 23rd annual Redding Turkey Trot. It was a beautiful day, sun shining but not too warm. I walked 6 miles in 1hr 38min 40 sec. I enjoyed talking with my friend, enjoying the beautiful trail and exercising. Walking for me is soul cleansing and I am so glad I did it! Maybe next time I'll run.

We were a relaxed bunch so we weren't in any hurry to cook all the fixin's. I took the whole gang over to my friends where Matthew and I got adjusted by her son, chiro in training. Then my mom and I got to take home some potted plants because they are moving. My mom was thrilled.

The girls helped my mom make the pumpkin pie. We got the turkey in the oven and then I went shopping with my parents while the girls took a nap and Matthew watched football and the turkey. While we were shopping I got a phone call from him saying, "The turkey is done, you aren't home and nothing else is cooked!" We all hurried home and mom and I whipped up the rest of the food in no time. We even had purple mashed potatoes. We were ready to eat by 5 o'clock. We enjoyed lots of good eats!

Dad and I decided to head out shopping on Friday while Matthew went to work and mom stayed home with the girls. We looked at the ads and just couldn't help ourselves. We headed out at 8 o'clock to the donut shop and the bank and were home by 1 o'clock. We got some great deals and the lines were not bad at all here in Redding. Dad came home with a mattress set and a new stove, those were just the big items! I think he forgot he had to get those things home. Actually they were too great of deals to pass up, we will figure out how to get them to the Bay later.

Then on Saturday we headed up to Mt. Lassen and we cut down our Christmas tree. It was fun to have my parents along although they didn't want a tree even though they are only $10! Not big enough to hold all their ornaments I guess. We had a picnic lunch at Manzanita lake and the girls got to watch a new Christmas movie from Papa on the way home.

All in all a fun, successful Thanksgiving weekend!

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Lorissa said...

Aaah, the purple mashed potatoes remind me of your wedding!

And I love all the quotes from the kids. Nice addition to the blog.

Love you all,