Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It is hard to not get wrapped up in all the hoopla with our new president. On the one hand I am so proud that in my lifetime I was able to witness a black president. I took a black history class in college and I am amazed at how so many suffered just because of the color of their skin. I believe that is why God blessed blacks with such beautiful voices, because of the suffering they endured. So many were touched yesterday and it was touching to watch the rejoicing tears of so many. But on the other hand I am scared for all that is to come. Scared that all Bush did to preserve the sanctity of life and marriage is going to be lost. Truthfully I don't even know how to pray for Obama. I know that he has many hard decisions to make on the road ahead and I don't believe that he is going to consider asking God for wisdom. But I will pray, if for nothing else that we as believers will stand up and fight for what we believe and not be afraid. I think the times are coming when we will be called to risk more than we ever have and I pray that I will be willing.

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imbrownie said...

Yeah, how DO you pray for the AntiChrist (wink, wink)