Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ever have one of those days where you just feel lonely? Lonely even when you are with people. I had one of those days today. Just lonely. I went to a bible study and I was amongst people but I didn't really know anyone, lonely. At home all day with just the kids, lonely. Husband at work till late, lonely. None of your family lives in the same town, lonely. Some of your best friends live far away, lonely. So lonely that even those you love that are no longer on this earth you miss. Just a deep in your heart lonely. Like a elephant is sitting on your chest, heart hurts, lonely. But I have found that the girls love to watch cooking on TV. We don't have cable or anything but we get a PBS (public broadcasting station) channel called "Create". The girls, mostly Mattie as Ches can't sit still for anything, sit and watch with wonder and amazement. They ask questions and want to make whatever they saw. With my girls sitting on either side of me for a half hour I didn't feel lonely.


Jenny said...

Awwww, we love you Corrie! I'm sorry you had a lonely day. I'm always here and you're always welcome at my crazy house. :) love ya.

koko said...

I have had those days before. I hope your not feeling that way today.

; )