Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The last of Summer

August started off with a trip to the Bay Area to see my sister Catie who had moved to TN in January. She was bringing along her new boyfriend, Jaime, for all of us to meet for the first time. My brother, Chris, his wife Jen and their kids James and Kylie were there too. It was great to see Catie after so long, meet Jaime (whom we all like by the way), have the cousins play and just be all together.

All the grandkids helping Gma cook

The new pool at Gma and Papa's

Auntie Catie keeping the girls warm

Chesnie, Kylie and James

Catie got the girls shirts that say "My mom's the bomb" My shirt says "the bomb mom"

Me reading bedtime stories to all the girls

Chesnie singing Jesus Loves Me with Papa at church

Mom and her granddaughters

My dad bought the girls all matching dresses and an matching outfit for James

Matthew trying out the slip and slide

Papa keeping Ches warm

Papa playing tic tac toe with the girls

Gma loving having her grandkids with her

Auntie snuggling with Mattie

Auntie Catie with Mattie and Kylie

Then we traveled to Oregon for my cousin Joel's wedding. It was like a mini family reunion and it was great fun! The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins and we enjoyed being with family we hadn't seen in too long. The wedding was beautiful! It was outside in the bride's parents backyard full of greenery and white twinkling lights. It really couldn't have been more perfect. God was honored and two amazing people where joined together. Love you Joel and Emily! The girls couldn't wait to get on the dance floor. From the moment the first dance was over Mattie and Chesnie were on the floor dancing till 11:30pm! Chesnie literally danced till she dropped. She asked Matthew to hold her as the band was singing their last song and then he passed her off to me and she was instantly asleep. Thanks for all the fun Quisenberry's!

This is how Ches travels, watching a movie and stuffing her face

Tryin' out the zip line at the park

Matthew trying out the zip line at the park

Mattie on top of the slide

The girls with Papa on the sea saw at the park

Ches trying on Gma's shoes

Matthew two handin' it with Ches and little Richy

Ches stylin' in mommy's glasses

Ches sitting on the grass at the wedding

Family prayer and blessing

The happy couple, Joel and Emily

The girls smothering Matthew with love

Chesnie and little Richy

Mommy and Ches with my beautiful mom in the background

Ches and Ruthie
Mattie and Jordan

My handsome hubby

The girls having so much fun on the dance floor

Ches doing a new move

Mattie dancing with Catie and Jaime

The girls dancing with Drew

Chesnie twirling with daddy

Mattie is having a lot of fun

Mattie dancing with Papa

Chesnie twirling

The girls with their cousins

Mattie all tuckered out at 11:30pm

Then we went up to our cabin for one last hurrah with Matthew's parents. It was very peaceful and relaxing. The girls enjoyed one on one attention with grandpa and grandma. They enjoyed riding their jeep and finding lots of "treasures" in the outdoors. They also enjoyed "driving" on the dirt road to the cabin

Mattie "driving" to the cabin

Chesnie out the window

Just hanging out with grandpa

Mattie's wooden head band

Roasting marshmellows on the bbq

Our summer officially ended today as it was Mattie's first day of school. She is our big Kindergartner now! We are home schooling so be in prayer! She enjoyed helping me make blueberry pancakes for her first school breakfast. And in the picture you see her doing her first writing in her book.


Mama Quiz said...

So great to see all of you, can't wait for family reunion for a little more one on one as this trip was way too short. Will be praying for the homeschooling, but I know you'll do great! Call if you need help. Love you, Aunt Lori

BookGirl78 said...

What beautiful pics! It's so neat to see pics of your parents and Matthew's parents. Ron & Carol were my first Sunday School teachers way back when @ Christ Community. :)
Your blog is wonderful Corrie. Your photos come out so clear and beautiful. You & Matt look so happy. :)