Monday, December 6, 2010

November 2010

Most memorable from November is our trip to Jamaica. It was a wonderful time being with Matthew and enjoying rest on the beach. A trip I will never forget and a trip I would like to repeat! November also brought jumping in leaves in the backyard. Ches read how the Berenstain Bears got to jump in the leaves in the fall and has been asking every day since. So one Saturday Matthew and the girls raked leaves off of the patio and scooped them up and dumped them onto the lawn. Chesnie and Mattie had such fun running and jumping in them. It was our fall version of the slip-n-slide. I have fond memories of doing the same thing when I was a kid. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving here in Redding with my parents and Matthew's mom, Carol. The girls really enjoyed having all of them here to be doted on. I ran a 6 mile Turkey Trot and was so proud of myself for finishing and running the whole race in 1hr 7min. Me and my dad did Black Friday shopping and just about started and finished all of our Christmas shopping. I had such fun with him! We all got to go to the movies to watch Tangled which the girls and adults really enjoyed. I also got a short visit from my Best Curly Haired friend who gave me and the girls our Christmas presents early, hand sewn aprons. We love them and are looking forward to wearing them for our Christmas baking. We were so blessed to have our healthy, happy family with us and are looking forward to Christmas with everyone!

Just a cute, random pic of Ches in the rain

Up to her neck in leaves!

Mattie enjoying the pile of leaves

Both girls at once!

Dumping leaves on Ches

Love the hair flying behind her

Poser Ches in a ray of sunlight

Raking the leaves for the big pile

Kara made all the aprons-Tink for Mattie, Ariel for Ches and hearts of love for me!

The Thanksgiving crew

Matthew getting ready to carve

The girls made me a sign for running the Trot

Me after the race

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