Tuesday, November 22, 2011

August 2011

August brought us friends and time with family at the cabin. We enjoyed lots of pool time and sunshine in our backyard.

She loves the pool
Swimmer Ches
The girls floating
Ches on the hunt for a butterfly
Mattie catching butterflies
We had a fun time at the cabin with Matthew's family. We fished, played games, floated down the Trinity River and ate and ate and ate.
Boating down the Trinity River
Matthew's catch from the dredge pond
Jackson keeping Chesnie warm outside at the cabin
Levi keeping Mattie's feet warm at the cabin
Auntie Tanya and the girls ready for breakfast
Ches loves Peewee
The girls and Peewee
A leaf hat
Matthew, Danny, Rick and Daniel playing badmitton
Smore's at the cabin
Daddy and Ches on the hunt for blackberries
Wading through the water to find the blackberries
Bucket full of blackberries
Matthew's new tatoo
Ches riding around the pool
Home made black berry pie from all the berries that we picked
Beautiful full moon
Back yard lunch on the bench that daddy made
Our good friends the Davis' came up for a visit and we went up to Mt. Shasta for some fishing at the hatchery.
Ches and her catch
Keely's first fish
The girls catch
Papa Jeff tossing Keely into the falls
Chesnie and daddy at the falls
August brought lots of swimming and time at home
My little swimmer
Mattie learned how to dive
Our beautiful Mattie B
Chesnie wrapped up as a mummy one night when mommy was gone
Chesnie anxiously waiting in the garage for daddy to come home

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