Tuesday, November 22, 2011

July 2011

July started off with Mattie's 7th birthday. It was celebrated with Gma & Papa, Grandma and our good friend Heather.

Me, my mom, Heather and the girls
The girls with painted toes and fingers
Chesnie, Julianne and Mattie
Birthday girl
Small apple pies for Mattie's Snow White birthday
We went to kid's fishing day in Mt. Shasta with Matthew's cousins daughter. All the girls caught big fish and enjoyed a day in the mountains.
Alicia caught a good one on kids fishing day at the hatchery
Mattie's catch
Chesnie's catch at the hatchery
Enjoying the refreshing falls
Family photo in Mt. Shasta
Yummy shakes
A quick stop for ice cream
The girls with their cousin Alicia feeding the fish at the hatchery
We took our annual trip to Salem, OR to visit our best friends and for some blueberry picking
Bath time for all
Showing their muscles
Mattie riding a cow
Ches 'milking' a cow
Roasting smores with Kara
Picking strawberries too
Best friends, Mattie and Samaria
Best buddies, Caleb and Chesnie
Blueberry picking, out favorite thing to do in Salem, OR
We got a visit from the girls cousins, James and Kylie and had so much fun with them
Gma reading bedtime stories
Gma & Papa with the grandkids
Gma being the head train pulling all the grandkids in the pool
We had a family reunion at Bass Lake with the Maclennan Clan. It was great to be together with all the family and enjoy some fun at the lake.
A group of cousins
My mom with all of her siblings
The girls enjoying the lake
Fun in the mud with cousin Gianna

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