Friday, November 7, 2008

Child Like Questions

Mattie has been asking a lot of questions about heaven and how to get there and Jesus being in our hearts. She has two children's Bibles that she loves to have read to her. We read them just about every day. Matthew said the other night that he wanted her to understand what she was doing when she asked Jesus into her heart. My response was that she will understand as much as a four year old, or however old she is when it happens, can. Doesn't He ask us to have child like faith? What does that mean exactly? I am not sure of the answers but I do know that I want Mattie and Chesnie to have Jesus in their hearts as soon as possible because we never know what tomorrow may hold. And I don't want to squelch the Holy Spirit or say it wasn't for real because they are too young. Is there a too young?
I was talking to Mattie yesterday about how daddy and mommy have Jesus in our hearts and we will go to heaven when we die. She said she wanted to go to heaven too. I said that anyone who has Jesus in their heart can go to heaven. I told her that she just need to pray and ask Him into her heart and that she could do that whenever she was ready.
This morning she came into my room and asked if I had heard her praying. I told her that I hadn't but asked what she was praying about. She said that she was praying for us to have a good time at Rhett and Keely's house (we are visiting Matthew's best friend this weekend) and for Jesus to be in our hearts. I didn't ask any more questions. I don't know if this means she asked Jesus into her heart but I am excited that the curiosity is there and if this wasn't "it" the time will be soon.
I am thankful that I live where I can freely talk to my children about Jesus. I am encouraged by Mattie and her questions. I pray that both Mattie and Chesnie will choose to have Jesus in their hearts at a young age and continue to walk with Him all of their days. Nothing, absolutely nothing could bring me greater joy.

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