Sunday, November 2, 2008


It started out a little rough here in Redding. It was raining and the girls weren't too sure about going out in it. We had Chesnie dressed as an elephant with rain boots and Mattie as Tinkerbell. Matthew and I carried umbrellas to keep us all dry. When we were in the driveway Mattie started to cry and say that she was scared. I had to convince her that rain isn't scary and that we were there with her and this was going to be fun. It seems that I am always trying to convince Mattie that there is fun to be had. After a hug and a pep talk from mom and daddy picking her up we were ready to head out. Thankfully the rain subsided and was only a mist for most of the night. We live in an older neighborhood so there aren't many trick or treaters and we were the first to come around. The old ladies think the girls are just adorable. Mattie even said, "Bye-bye I love you", when we were leaving a house. All in all it was a success. The girls enjoyed it and we didn't get too wet. When we came home they spread out all their candy and chose what they wanted to eat. Now they are a little confused as they have had it drilled into them that candy is bad for you and here there have a whole bucket full. After much deliberation they each picked out their candy and proceeded to enjoy. As you can see from the pictures Ches immediately got a sugar rush. After they went to bed mom and dad confiscated half of the candy, ssh don't tell!

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Mama Quiz said...

Cor, You better be glad they can't read yet! Stealing their candy?! Love the elephant costume!!