Thursday, November 20, 2008

House Arrest

I have been under house arrest for 4 days now due to my girls being sick. I want to first say I am thankful that my girls rarely get sick (hopefully I don't get cursed for saying this). But now that I am on day four I think I can do a little complaining. Every time Chesnie's nose runs, which is like every 5 seconds, she cries. I tell her that when she cries she only makes it run more. This does not even phase her. She has also rubbed her little nose and upper lip raw. She wipes with a vengeance. I keep telling her to pat her nose but she still wipes it like she needs to wipe her lip off. Again, this doesn't phase her. So then she cries and whines because her nose is hurting her. Mattie also tries to tell her not to cry and to be careful when wiping her nose. She doesn't care to listen to her either. Surprise, surprise. Mattie is such the little mother sometimes I wonder who really needs me around? She has more compassion with Chesnie than I do. Maybe I should just leave them to their own devices and go for a cup of coffee, I could use the break. Mattie does keep saying that she wants a turn at being the mom. Yesterday I told her that I would gladly be the kid if she wanted to be the mom and deal with two sick crying kids. She didn't take me up on the offer. Even though Chesnie is sick she still can't sit still. Most kids would just like to sit on the couch and veg, not Chesnie. She wants music on to dance to. But nothing lasts for more than five minutes when her nose is running again and she wipes it and it hurts again. The distraction is only in five minute increments. I am sure that my husband, who is now sick, isn't thrilled to come home for the fourth day and see us all in the same pj's. By the way, why is it that I am around the sickness 24 hours a day, wiping noses and getting coughed on and he is the one sick? I am glad that I am not sick because I would still have to do everything that I am doing now, taking care of three people, but while being sick. Moms don't get the luxury of being sick and sitting on the couch or laying in bed, we still have to be mom. So to all the moms out there who are put under house arrest this winter due to sick children, I feel your pain.

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Koko & Jason said...

I hope this House Arrest season has ended for you! Cory Thank you for your sweet comment. It's so nice to know that you even take time to read it and leave a comment. We are family even though we are not that close...I'm glad to know that while blogging we have a source to communicate our thoughts. I love that we can put pictures up as well = ) Hope you and your family are Blessed in this Thanksgiving week.
Ps. Please please tell your mom I love her and miss her!!!