Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alturas & April Pictures

Chesnie and her punk hair
My pretty purple iris in our yard

Running wild at Whiskeytown

Enjoying breakfast burritos with dad

Happily fishing

Hooked one

Self portrait

Chesnie not sure of what she is doing

Mattie fishing at Grace Lake

Chesnie in the tree

Mattie in the tree
Takeing a break at Hat Creek
Our tiny snowman
Chesnie had to eat some snow
Winter wonderland
The girls got to meet Curious George at Barnes
Mattie running through the sprinklers
Chesnie enjoying the sprinklers
Dress up time in my old leotards
Mattie's latest culinary creation from her Highlights magazine

We went to Alturas last Friday for a teaching interview for Matthew. Alturas is about 3 hours NE of Redding and is about the farthest you can go in Northern Cali before you get to Oregon. It is a small town of about 3,000 and it is in the middle of nowhere. There is one grocery store and a bunch of little mom and pop places. No chain stores of any kind well except for Subway and Quiznos. We headed up after a week of the girls running through the sprinklers and swimming in the pool and what did we see? Snow! A winter wonderland at the end of April. Everything was white. Everything was covered. We weren't expecting it and weren't even sure we were going to be able to make it to Alturas. It was coming down heavy and it was only little country highways. We made it but it continued to snow the whole time that we were there. Mathew's interview went really well, the best he has ever had. There was 75 applicants for the job and they interviewed 8. Matthew liked the people and was taken on a tour of the school and really liked it. The town, I wasn't really fond of. But on Monday Matthew received a call saying that he didn't get the job. He was a little disappointed but relieved that God had made that decision easy. We are proud of how well he did at the interview and that he was chosen out of 75 people. On the way home we stopped and let the girls run around at Hat Creek and then we went fishing at Grace Lake in Shingletown. No fish but the girls had fun. The next morning Matthew gave me a day off and took the girls fishing at Whiskeytown. Again no fish but they had fun with daddy. I've also posted some additional pictures from our everyday lives for the month of April.

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Koko Quiz said...

Looks like you all have such a blast together! thats so awesome can't wait to have my own little ones to blog about.