Friday, April 10, 2009

Reasons Not To Move

So we have decided not to move to Twin Falls, ID. We are finding peace in this decision. The job was just not a good fit for Matthew so we decided that it wasn't worth the sacrifice of leaving Redding. As we were traveling to Idaho we came up with a list of reasons not to move and I thought I would share them with you.

You Know You Shouldn't Move When...

1. You have to spend $200 on snacks for the road trip.

2. You have to pack an emergency kit to make the drive.

3. The nearest creek is called Stinking Water Creek.

4. You have to pack your fridge.

5. All the Uhauls you see are going the opposite way.

6. It's 70 degrees where you're from and they tell you it is in the 40's where you're going.

7. You're children can watch at least 10 movies on the trip.

8. You have to bring along a pottie.

9. You could die on the road and no one would find you for days.

10. You come to a "town" and if you blink you will miss it as it is a town of 41 (Matthew blinked).

1 comment:

Koko Quiz said...

gooooood list. It made me laugh. Idaho is so beautiful BUT it's no man's land. Nothing.then nothing..On the flip side life is slow and that's really nice.

I personally would die if I had to stay for more than a week. I'M a city girl.

So what is next for you guys? Any other places to move? Do you have to move?

last question promise. Do you ever got to the Bethel church in Redding? wait it might not be there...hmmmm