Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Trip to Idaho

Friends Elli and Malia

The beautiful gorge in Twin Falls

The bridge into Twin Falls over the amazingly huge gorge

The girls at the lookout

At a park in Twin Falls

The girls watching a show with Kelsey and Tyson

The girls with Kelsey at Lake Lowell

Mattie B. in the sunset

Mattie at the park with Malia and Elli

Being silly with Malia and Elli

Matthew was offered a teaching job in Twin Falls, Idaho. Everything happened in less than 24 hours and we decided to take a trip to check things out. We have good friends that live in Nampa so we were excited to be able to visit them too. It was a very quick trip with lots of driving but we enjoyed our time with friends and were glad that we went so that we could make a fully informed decision regarding the job. We left at 4am Saturday morning. Unfortunately our girls do not sleep in the car so they were up from 4 till 9 that night. Thankfully they are pretty good travelers. It took us about 10 hours to get there and the roads are back country roads with no civilization for hours. When you do finally get to a town it is a town of 41 people. Not much around, someone could die out there and no one would notice for days. The girls enjoyed playing with all the other kids: Elli, Malia, Zach, Kelsey, Tyson and Micah. We had to get up at 5am to travel to Twin Falls on Monday. We dropped Matthew off at school and the girls and I shopped at Target, read books at the library and played at the park. Then we picked up Matthew for lunch and went to the health food store and bought popsicles. Then we dropped Matthew back off and shopped at Old Navy. After picking up Matthew we checked out the beautiful gorge and ate at the Pita Pit (very yummy by the way). Then we traveled the two hours back to Nampa that night and had to leave to come home the next morning.
Twin Falls is a nice town, smaller than Redding but it has all the basics. The school is a charter school with a focus on the arts. It is very different than anything Matthew has ever done. They teach Roman history, Latin, piano and dance for PE. If you know Matthew he is a sport guy through and through so he wasn't sure that this was the school for him. But he really liked the teacher that he would be working with and got along really well with the principal. The kids were extremely well behaved. The teacher never had to take time for discipline, she was just able to teach and for Matthew that is unheard of. It was obvious that the kids were there to learn. The teacher was also a believer as were many other teachers that worked there. We bought a newspaper to look for housing and on the front page the biggest headline with a big picture was his school. He asked me what that was supposed to mean, I told him that I didn't know. We are weighing the pros and cons and are continuing to do some serious prayer as for what our final decision shall be. It is a long way from our families, about 13 hours and that weighs heavy on us especially with two little girls who love their Gma, Papa and Grandma and Grandpa. So we shall see and we will keep you posted. Thanks for the continued prayers as for what the Lord has for this Miller family.

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